Alumni Association  



The objectives of Alumni Association:

1.To provide forum and channel of communication to alumni to meet regularly and for organizing ‘Alumni meet ’,get –together ,socio –cultural activities etc.
2.To established and maintain a continuous close association among the alumni, and linkage between alumni and college, management, teachers and the present students.
3.To share the views and news of profession, professionals, current trends, challenges, the issues of global concern in the context of professional social work.
4.To provide support to the college and establish support system in the area of college development, improving the quality standards, teaching –learning process, curriculum, field –work, block –placement, camp, study tour, infrastructure development, employment, formation of NGO’s, self –employment, etc.
5.To organize Seminar, Workshop, Group Discussion interface for the professional growth and development.
6.To publish a directory of alumni.
7.To organize any such activity which is in the interest of alumni, students of social work, college and of course in the interest of professionals and Professional Social Work.

Composition — All the ex-students of T.C.S.W. are eligible for membership. Alumni Association consists of executive Body including President, General Secretary, Joint Secretary, Treasurer and Executive Member.