¬†Women Development Centre  


Women Development Centre was established in 1996-97.

Objectives are as follows:

1.To create awareness about the status and role of women
2.To provide necessary infrastructure for all round development of women’s potential and thus help them play a significant role in the development process.
3.To promote the scheme for women development and to create awareness about the legal provisions for women’s welfare, development and empowerment
4.To provide counselling services in the areas of marriage, adolescent girls, family problems etc.
5.To create gender sensitization
6. Personal counselling to students and to provide platform to discuss the issue related with women and girls to social work practicum

Major Issues/ Areas:
Women’s education, health, legal awareness, domestic counselling, family life education, life skill education etc.

Awareness programmes, skill labs, workshops on gender sensitization, survey, documentation etc.