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Welcome to Tirpude College of Social Work -- -- Tirpude College of Social Work,Nagpur Accredited with A+ grade with 3.51 CGPA by NAAC, Bangalore in 3rd cycle

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S.N Name of the Committee Incharge Co- Incharge Member
1. Academic Planning Committee
( Time Table & Work Load , Research – MSW III Sem , Group Research BSW III & Field Work Coordination
Academic & Monitory
Mr. D.R.Masram Dr. V.J. Shingnapure   BSW I- Ms. S.S.Puranik
BSW II – Ms.S.Fating
BSW III- Mr. M.R.Deshmukh
MSW I- Mrs. A.R.Gajbhiye
MSW II( 3rd & 4th Sem)
CD- Mr.D.R.Masram
MPSW- Mrs.S.K. Dharmadhikari
HRM- Dr. V.J. Shingnapure  
FCW- Ms. S.S. Jibhenkar
2. Admission Committee( for all classes ) Mr. M. R. Deshmukh Ms. Sandhya Fating Mr. Sachin Hunge ,Mr.R.T.Gajbe, Mrs.P.Jambhulkar, Mr.Sandip Rahate, Mr.Gajanan Holey
3. Student Council + Cultural + Sports + Student Welfare Board CRS Dr.H.N.Meshram Mr. Digambar Tule SRC- Dr.H.N.Meshram 
Sports- Mr.D.Tule  
Cultural –Ms. S. Fating
NSS- Mrs.A.R. Gajbhiye, Mr.S.Hunge
4. NSS + Din Vishesh + Environmental Services Mrs.A.R.Gajbhiye Mr.Sachin Hunge NSS- Mrs.A.R. Gajbhiye
Dinvishesh- Dr.A.Hakim
Enviornmental Services -Mr.M.S.Gautam
5. Attendance Mr.M.S.Gautam Dr. P.G. Bombatkar Dr. S.S. Kabiraj, Dr. H.N. Meshram, Dr.Arshiya A.Saiyed, Mr. R. T. Gajbe
6. Planning , Purchasing & Maintenance Committee Principal Mr.M.R.Deshmukh Mr.D.R.Masram ,Dr.V.J. Shingnapure
Mrs. S.K. Dharmadhikari, Dr.P.G.Bombatkar , Mr. M.W.Uikey,  Mr. G. Holey
7. NET / SET Coaching Classes Mr.N.R.Dhurve Mr.R.T. Gajbe Mr.M.R.Deshmukh,Ms. S.S. Jibhenkar, Mrs. S. P. Fating, , Mr. D. B. Tule,
Mr. S. T. Hunge
8. Career Counseling + Placement + Transcript Ms. Shilpa Jibhenkar Mrs. M.M. Ganvir Dr. D.R. Masram, Dr. V.J. Shingnapure, Mr. M.R. Deshmukh, Mr.R.T. Gajbe
9. Research & Consultancy, Human Resource Development Dr.S.S. Puranik Dr.S.S.Kabiraj  Dr. V.J. Shingnapure, Mrs.Pallavi Jambhulkar, Mr. S. T. Hunge
10. Grievance Redressal Dr.K.S.Patil Chairperson Dr. H.N. Meshram Dr. S.S.Kabiraj, Dr.S.S.Puranik, Mr. Hemant Khedikar , Three student representatives  of SRC – (President, Secretary and Ladies Representative)
11. Field Action Project
CGSCC + Mentoring
Mrs. S. P. Fating Mrs. M.M. Ganvir, Mr.D.Tule
12. FAP- PEACE Mr.D.R.Masram Mr. N.R. Dhurve Mr.M.R.Deshmukh, Mr.S. Hunge
13. FAP- Women Development Cell + CASH Ms. Sandhya Fating Dr. V.J. Shingnapure  Ms.S.S.Jibhenkar Mr. R. T. Gajbe
14. Library Committee + Audio Visual Committee Principal Mrs. Pallavi Jambhulkar & Hemant Khedikar Elective Incharges , Dr.S.S.Kabiraj & Mr.M.S.Gautam , Dr.P.G.Bombatkar , Sandip Rahate
15. College wall Magazine & Sahayog Dr.Arshiya A.Saiyed Dr.P.G.Bombatkar Mrs. M.M.Ganvir, Dr.H.N.Meshram, Mrs. S. P. Fating
16. Alumni Mrs.M.M.Ganvir Mrs.S.K. Dharmadhikari Mr.D.R.Masram, Dr. V. J. Shingnapure Mr.N.R.Dhurve
17. Health Support Services Mr.M.S.Gautam Mr.N.R.Dhurve  Dr.Arshiya A.Saiyed, Students of MPSW
18. College Exams Dr.S.S.Kabiraj Dr.H.N.Meshram Ms. S.S.Jibhenkar, Mr. D. B. Tule
19. Stake Holders Feedback Committee
 ( Student, Parents, Supervisors Agencies, Alumni )
Dr. V. J. Shingnapure Mr. N.R. Dhurve Students-, Mr.R.T. Gajbe
Parents- Mr. N.R. Dhurve
Supervisor Agencies- Dr. V.J.Shingnapure ,Alumni – Mrs. M.M. Ganvir
20. Website , MIS , OPAC( Library Software Mr. M.R.Deshmukh Mrs S.K. Dharmadhikari  Dr. D.R.Masram, Mr.R.T. Gajbe,Mr. Sachin Hunge ,Mr.Sandip Rahate ,  Ms. Pallavi Jambhulkar
21. IQAC Mrs.S.K. Dharmadhikari Dr.P.G.Bombakar As per the Office Order
22. Golden Jubilee Committee Mr.D.R.Masram Mrs.A.R. Gajbhiye As per the Office Order
23. TCSW Employees Welfare Association Mr.D.R.Masram
Dr.S.S.Kabiraj Secretary As per the Office Order
24. Compilation of Photograph Dr.Arshiya
Mr.R.T.Gajbe Ms. S.P. Fating, Mr. D.B.Tule, Mr. S.T. Hunge
25. Arun Research Journal  Dr. H.N. Meshram   As per the Office Order
26. Anti Ragging Cell     As per the Office Order
27. Equal Opportunity cell     As per the Office Order