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Welcome to Tirpude College of Social Work -- -- Tirpude College of Social Work,Nagpur Accredited with A+ grade with 3.51 CGPA by NAAC, Bangalore in 3rd cycle

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1011Academic Planning Committee ( Time Table & Work Load , Research – MSW III Sem , Group Research BSW III & Field Work Coordination Academic & MonitoryMr. D.R.MasramDr. V.J. Shingnapure BSW I- Ms. S.S.Puranik BSW II – Ms.S.Fating BSW III- Mr. M.R.Deshmukh MSW I- Mrs. A.R.Gajbhiye MSW II( 3rd & 4th Sem) CD- Mr.D.R.Masram MPSW- Mrs.S.K. Dharmadhikari HRM- Dr. V.J. Shingnapur28/06/2019
1012Admission Committee( for all classes )Mr. M. R. DeshmukhMs. Sandhya FatingMr. Sachin Hunge ,Mr.R.T.Gajbe, Mrs.P.Jambhulkar, Mr.Sandip Rahate, Mr.Gajanan Holey28/06/2019
1013Student Council + Cultural + Sports + Student Welfare Board CRSDr.H.N.MeshramMr. Digambar TuleSRC- Dr.H.N.Meshram Sports- Mr.D.Tule Cultural –Ms. S. Fating NSS- Mrs.A.R. Gajbhiye, Mr.S.Hunge28/06/2019
1014NSS + Din Vishesh + Environmental ServicesMrs.A.R.Gajbhiye Mr.Sachin HungeNSS- Mrs.A.R. Gajbhiye Dinvishesh- Dr.A.Hakim Enviornmental Services -Mr.M.S.Gautam28/06/2019
1015AttendanceMr.M.S.GautamDr. P.G. BombatkarDr. S.S. Kabiraj, Dr. H.N. Meshram, Dr.Arshiya A.Saiyed, Mr. R. T. Gajbe28/06/2019
1016Planning , Purchasing & Maintenance CommitteePrincipalMr.M.R.Deshmukh Mr.D.R.Masram ,Dr.V.J. Shingnapure Mrs. S.K. Dharmadhikari, Dr.P.G.Bombatkar , Mr. M.W.Uikey, Mr. G. Holey28/06/2019
1017NET / SET Coaching ClassesMr.N.R.Dhurve Mr.R.T. Gajbe Mr.M.R.Deshmukh,Ms. S.S. Jibhenkar, Mrs. S. P. Fating, , Mr. D. B. Tule, Mr. S. T. Hunge28/06/2019
1018Career Counseling + Placement + TranscriptMs. Shilpa JibhenkarMrs. M.M. GanvirDr. D.R. Masram, Dr. V.J. Shingnapure, Mr. M.R. Deshmukh, Mr.R.T. Gajbe28/06/2019
1019Research & Consultancy, Human Resource DevelopmentDr.S.S. PuranikDr.S.S.KabirajDr. V.J. Shingnapure, Mrs.Pallavi Jambhulkar, Mr. S. T. Hunge28/06/2019
1020Grievance RedressalDr.K.S.Patil ChairpersonDr. H.N. MeshramDr. S.S.Kabiraj, Dr.S.S.Puranik, Mr. Hemant Khedikar , Three student representatives of SRC – (President, Secretary and Ladies Representative)28/06/2019
1021Field Action Project CGSCC + MentoringMrs.S.K. DharmadhikariMrs. S. P. FatingMrs. M.M. Ganvir, Mr.D.Tule28/06/2019
1022FAP- PEACEMr.D.R.MasramMr. N.R. DhurveMr.M.R.Deshmukh, Mr.S. Hunge28/06/2019
1023FAP- Women Development Cell + CASHMs. Sandhya FatingDr. V.J. ShingnapureMs.S.S.Jibhenkar Mr. R. T. Gajbe28/06/2019
1024Library Committee + Audio Visual CommitteePrincipalMrs. Pallavi Jambhulkar & Hemant KhedikarElective Incharges , Dr.S.S.Kabiraj & Mr.M.S.Gautam , Dr.P.G.Bombatkar , Sandip Rahate28/06/2019
1025College wall Magazine & SahayogDr.Arshiya A.SaiyedDr.P.G.BombatkarMrs. M.M.Ganvir, Dr.H.N.Meshram, Mrs. S. P. Fating28/06/2019
1026AlumniMrs.M.M.GanvirMrs.S.K. DharmadhikariMr.D.R.Masram, Dr. V. J. Shingnapure Mr.N.R.Dhurve28/06/2019
1027Health Support ServicesMr.M.S.GautamMr.N.R.Dhurve Dr.Arshiya A.Saiyed, Students of MPSW28/06/2019
1028College ExamsDr.S.S.Kabiraj Dr.H.N.MeshramMs. S.S.Jibhenkar, Mr. D. B. Tule28/06/2019
1029Stake Holders Feedback Committee ( Student, Parents, Supervisors Agencies, Alumni )Dr. V. J. ShingnapureMr. N.R. DhurveStudents-, Mr.R.T. Gajbe Parents- Mr. N.R. Dhurve Supervisor Agencies- Dr. V.J.Shingnapure ,Alumni – Mrs. M.M. Ganvir28/06/2019
1030Website , MIS , OPAC( Library SoftwareMr. M.R.DeshmukhMrs S.K. Dharmadhikari Dr. D.R.Masram, Mr.R.T. Gajbe,Mr. Sachin Hunge ,Mr.Sandip Rahate , Ms. Pallavi Jambhulkar28/06/2019
1031IQACMrs.S.K. DharmadhikariDr.P.G.BombakarAs per the Office Order28/06/2019
1032Golden Jubilee CommitteeMr.D.R.MasramMrs.A.R. GajbhiyeAs per the Office Order28/06/2019
1033TCSW Employees Welfare AssociationMr.D.R.Masram PresidentDr.S.S.Kabiraj SecretaryAs per the Office Order28/06/2019
1034Compilation of PhotographDr.Arshiya A.SaiyedMr.R.T.GajbeMs. S.P. Fating, Mr. D.B.Tule, Mr. S.T. Hunge28/06/2019
1035Arun Research Journal Dr. H.N. MeshramssAs per the Office Order28/06/2019