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An Autonomous Institution , Certified with ISO 21001 : 2018

Welcome to Tirpude College of Social Work , Nagpur -- -- An Autonomous Institution , Certified with ISO 21001 : 2018 Affiliated To R.T.M Nagpur University, Nagpur . Recognised by UGC ,New Delhi and Govt of Maharashtra , Accredited with A+ grade with 3.51 CGPA by NAAC, Bangalore in 3rd cycle , College with Potential for Excellence by the UGC , New Delhi (2017-2021) , MSW (Master of Social Work) , Admission open for the session 2024-2025,Registration date 8th June 2024 , 1st Entrance Test will be held on 11th June 2024 Admission open for session 2023-2024 For B.S.W.-I, M.S.W.-I (As per R.T.M.N.U. Schedule)

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Child Guidance Student counselling

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Introduction :

Field action project known as Child Guidance Clinic started in 1977 in Tirpude College of Social Work. In the initial stages of Child Guidance and Students Counseling Centre, work was clinical in nature, after silver jubilee of the centre the objectives and programmes were designed keeping in mind the need of changing scenario and the student's overall development. Instead of waiting for children to reach the centre, reaching out became the strategy of the centre. The centre offers Child Guidance and Students counseling through various programmes organized as part of social work practicum as well as an independent centre. To empower the students in respect of skills and knowledge required in working with children and building child friendly attitude and gender sensitive attitudes are the main objectives of the centre. In 2005-6 CGSCC undertook HELPLINE for exam in collaboration with Lokmat group of papers ,which received wide publicity and was of help to thousands of students in rural and urban areas in Maharashtra as well as other states.


To generate awareness about child rights .To help various vulnerable groups of children and to work for overall development of the students and children.


To cater to the diverse needs of the children in need of care and protection, to help children in conflict with law, to help students in distress to overcome it, to help students actualize their potentials through various programs in the college and at the social workpracticum placement agencies.


  1. 1. To work for the overall development of the children
  2. 2. To work for protection/furtherance of child rights
  3. 3. To conduct school social work
  4. 4. To impart referral services to the needy children
  5. 5. Implementing adolescence education program
  6. 6. To make IQ testing and personality assessment
  7. 7. To offer parental guidance and counseling
  8. 8. To generate awareness regarding mental health
  9. 9. To organize workshop for developing, various skills among, students.
  10. 10. To offer personal counseling to students
  11. 11. To offer platform for discussion about child related issues to Gov., NGO, Professional etc.

Collaborations with any institute/organization

Students of BSW, I, II, III, IV sem. and MSW I and II sem. Are placed in various agencies related to child welfare hence various programs will be organized in collaboration with such organization. Specialization of MPSW also will be involved in IQ check up amps/counseling programes / Help Line Parikshechi program. Alumni will be involved in the programs where ever possible Various NGOs and GOs will also be involved in the programs.


Students will be helped through mentoring programs specially organized for the college students focusing on the relevant issues

Composition of the cell

Chairman : Dr. K.S. Patil

Incharge : Dr. Mrs. S.K. Dharmadhikari

Co incharge : Dr. S. Puranik

Member : M.D.B. Tule

Team members : BSW I, II in-charge : BSWIII/IV in-charge

Field expert : Amaraja Khedikar (child line co-lab coordinator)

Volunteers : MPSW students

Community Participation:

Participation of the commumity will be sought via asking various organizations to send cases for diagnosis and counseling, by involving NGOs and other agencies in organizing programmes for awareness creation, prevention of problems and in taking up remedial work .rehabilitation work regarding child rights.

I School

1. Guidance in parent meeting

2. Solving problems in school adjustment

3. I. Q. testing and personality assessment

4. Workshops for teachers

5. Establishing counseling centres.

II Children in special Needs

1. I. Q. testing

2. Reference services

3. Behaviour and personality assessment

4. Parental counseling

5. Guidance regarding rights and facilities.

IV For Child in conflict with law

1. Counseling services

2. Group counseling for parents and Children

3. Efforts for rehabilitation

I School

1. Guidance in parent meeting

2. Solving problems in school adjustment

3. I. Q. testing and personality assessment

4. Workshops for teachers

5. Establishing counseling centres.

V For college students

1. Personal counseling

2. Skill Training

3. Programmes on personality development

VI For professional in child rights

1. Forum for discussion

2. Organizing workshops and seminars

Process of evaluation and monitoring –

Conclusion –

Through evaluation /feedback forms Awareness about child rights, prevention of various problems, help to students in overall personality development through mentoring. The programe Helpline pariskshechi helped thousands of students to overcome exam stress and also prevented hundreds of students from committing suicide by offering tele-counseling .Many schools benefitted by the program , teachers were oriented about problems of the students, programs on adolescence education ,pre marriage counseling are usually receiving good response. Students in the college and other institutes also benefitted immensely through various activities