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Yuganter Education Society’s

An Autonomous Institution , Certified with ISO 21001 : 2018

Welcome to Tirpude College of Social Work , Nagpur -- -- An Autonomous Institution , Certified with ISO 21001 : 2018 Affiliated To R.T.M Nagpur University, Nagpur . Recognised by UGC ,New Delhi and Govt of Maharashtra , Accredited with A+ grade with 3.51 CGPA by NAAC, Bangalore in 3rd cycle , College with Potential for Excellence by the UGC , New Delhi (2017-2021) Admission open for session 2023-2024 For B.S.W.-I, M.S.W.-I (As per R.T.M.N.U. Schedule)

Yuganter Education Society’s


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(Programme & Extension Activities through Collective Efforts)
An Extension & Outreach initiative


i) To promote social work intervention in Community & School setting.

ii) To create socio- economic database of community.

iii) To study & analyse community problems.

iv) To organize awareness programmes on social issues i.e. education, health, civic rights, food security, Right to Information, Legal literacy etc.

v) To facilitate the process of empowerment for different target groups.

vi) To conduct training programmes for the students & community level functionaries on disaster management, community leadership, community animators and barefoot social workers.

vii) To provide an exposure by organizing the excursion visits to Rural, Tribal & Urban areas.

Committee :

In-Charge - M.R. Deshmukh

Co- Incharge - Mr. S.T. Hunge

Member - Mr N.R. Dhurve

Member - Ms. S.S. Jibhenkar

Major Activities during 2011-2017

  • Educational Film Show on Ideal Village (Ralegan Sidhhi,Hiware Bazar)
  • Project Presentation before overseas delegates
  • Sensitization workshop on Melghat Malnutrition issue by 'Melghat Mitra'
  • Workshop on PRA
  • Programme on 'Right to Information' at Dahegaon Village
  • Helath Check up Camp
  • Excursion Visit of MSW II students at Sevagram Wardha
  • Rural Placement of MSW III &IV Community Development students under PEACE Project.
  • Sipna River Exploration Yatra, Melghat
  • Karigar Panchayat
  • Participattion in “Ek Pahal Gaon Ke Saath” Campaign.
  • Exposure Visit to Mendha (Lekha)-“Hamare Gaon Me Humhi
  • Sarkar”, Gadchiroli, Shodhgram, Hemalkasa-Lok Biradari,Prakalp
  • Extension programme on Agriculture: Nagazariviilage, Hingna,Taluka
  • International Women's Day Programme at Gulshan Nagar- Vaishnodevi Nagar & Kalamna
  • Awareness programme for Adolescent Girls at Gulshan Nagar & Chikhli area.
  • Awareness programme & Street play on 'HIV/AIDS' at Kalamna Market & Gulshan Nagar'
  • Student's Day' celebrated on the occasion of Dr. Ambedkar Jayanti at Dhammadeep Nagar, Takshshila Nagar & Gulshan,Nagar
  • Awareness programme on Child Line ' at Takshshila Nagar
  • Women Empowerment through SHG' at Takshshila Nagar
  • Awareness Programme on Sanitation'
  • Paper Cutting Display on Rural, Urban & Tribal Issues'
  • Excursion visit to 'Tarun Bharat Sangh, Alwar' on Water
  • Harvesting (Rajasthan)
  • PEACE Volunteers Participation in “National Artisan's
  • Conclave”
  • Literacy Rally” at Garib Nawaz Nagar
  • Eye Check-up Camp' at Kalamna
  • Summer Camp for Children's at Nari Community
  • Summer Camp for Children's at Shiv shakti Nagar
  • Street Plays on 'Right to Education & Women Empowerment'
  • Yashodhara Nagar, Hamid Nagar, Wanjra, & Gulshan Nagar.
  • “International Day of the Indigenous People” extension lecture by Dr. Shyam Koreti
  • Free Health Check up Camp,Shiv shakti Nagar, Gulshan Nagar
  • Excursion Visit to Mandwa, Nagzari villages
  • “International Day of the Elder's” extension lecture by Dr. Sanjay Bajaj
  • Mahila Melava' at Garib Nawaz Nagar-36
  • National Youth Day- Interaction with Student's by Mr. Sandeep Gabhne
  • “Career options for trainee social work student's” by Mr. Rajendra Meshram “Sanitation Rally” “Legal Literacy Camp” with Collaboration of DLSA & Navjeevan Society
  • International Women's Day at Red Light Area of Nagpur
  • Awareness programme & Careers guidance for Adolescent Girls at Garib Nawaz Nagar
  • Street plays & Awareness Rallies on Cleanliness, Gender Awareness, Domestic Violence, School Drop-Out, Drug addiction, Domestic Violence, School Drop-Out,Drug addiction etc.Vasant Naik Basti, Siraspeth, Manavta High School, BabulKheda Hajari Pahad, Ganga Nagar, Gittikhadan, Maya nagar, Republican nagar, Kalamna & Mahadula village.
  • International Peace Day Celebration in association with “Bramhakumari's”
  • Street Play on “Cleanliness issue” in association with Nagpur
  • Municipal Corporation at Gorewada
  • “Women Related Legislations” Adv. Dube, & Dr. Kailash
  • Sahare (Psychologist) at Dr.Ambedkar Mission Hall, Lashkaribag.
  • Interface Meeting with Community youths for Skill
  • Development in association “Yuwa Parivartan” at Vishwas,Nagar
  • Programme on 'Indo-Pak Relationship: New Perspectives'
  • Lecture by Mr. Jatin Desai. Journalist Gramsabha Meeting at Degma by PEACE Volunteers.
  • International Day of Worlds indigenous Peoples- Dr. keshao Walke
  • Orientation/awareness programme on 'Anti Ragging' for BSW Sem I MSW Sem I students.
  • “International Organ Donation Day- Awareness Rally
  • ”State level Samta Prabodhan Vidyarthi Parishad”, Nagpur
  • Observed “International Day of Disaster Risk Reduction” in collaboration with NSS & NCDC, Nagpur
  • “Water Warriors Training” at Tarun Bharat Sangh,Bhikampura, Dist.Alwar,Rajasthan
  • Voters Registration Camp in Prabhag No,6 Takshshila Nagar.
  • Adhar Card Registration Camp in Prabhag No.6 Takshshila,Nagar.

Outcome and impact of the extension activities on community and students:

Community is benefitted in general & target groups in particular , though , no visible impact & outcome study was carried out but awareness creation, dissemination of information are the two main aspects were touched upon effectively through these outreach initiatives. Students were deepening their understanding, knowledge, collaborative action with communities, more importantly development in different professional skills & by this inching towards professionalism in their approach and attitude. Skill Lab Workshop on “Impact of Plastic on Environment and Waste Management” By Mr. Milind Pagare(Nashik) Awareness camp for farmers of Nanda Village Advocacy for “Landless Rural People” at Hingna Tehsil